About Us

We’ve started hours4work.com because increasing numbers of talented people need to fill their spare hours with gainful employment. In addition, the rising trend in self-employment and increase in portfolio careers indicates that more and more people are prepared to build full-time employment for themselves using a variety of jobs and employers. On the employer’s side it means that businesses can build talented teams and hire people for part-time roles, seasonal work as well as ad-hoc projects much more readily.

The challenge is – how do you let talented people know you are looking for them to help them find work? The answer is that you post these roles on hours4work.com – let the people know you are interested in hiring them!

The founders of hours4work.com are Charlotte Hollingshead and Paul Wright.

Sidmouth born, Charlotte has spent most of her career in the media, learning the fast-paced national press market while The Independent and Independent on Sunday were launching in the UK, moving on to international publishing with The Economist Group in London and New York. While publisher of CFO Europe, the magazine was awarded a Queen’s Award for Excellence in international trade and this included an invitation to Buckingham Palace.

In 2005, between children and a convenient redundancy, Charlotte established her own business, Publishing Matters and moved back to Sidmouth with her young family. Building a strong, flexible sales team has been critical to the success of her business. Hours4work exists to reduce the prohibitively expensive risk that dynamic small and micro businesses take when forced to pay for traditional recruitment advertising options as they build the flexible teams that are critical to their success too.

Paul has worked in I.T. for over 20 years, for a host of companies large and small stretching from London to Australia, including a stint in Hong Kong during the handover back to China. Paul now runs his own web design and IT company in Devon called Regency Web Design, using the skills from his long career to build better websites and computer systems.

Finding good people is a challenge, an expensive one if you follow the local print media route to recruit. We’ve set up this site because we know the talent is all around – it is just a matter of letting them know we are looking for them!

Hours4work - another successful online business started in a garage!