Property Porter - Dukes, Hotel Elizabeth, The Kingswood and Devoran Hotel, Sidmouth Hotels Ltd

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Property porter

Working week: Thursday-Monday, pay from £7.70-£8.25ph.  This is seasonal until 30th September 2019 (maybe longer depending on weather)


- Thursday-Sun: 6am-3pm (or 7-4pm?)
- Sunday-Monday: 4-1am Deep clean

Always maintaining strict health & safety practices – particularly yellow signs & cordons when working in front of entrances or on steps

General daily tasks at all 3 sites:

1) sweep & spray floors with water and chemical when necessary. Use proper brush provided
2) Wash & wipe all walls within reach, removing seagull mess
3) Wipe, clean and organise all tables & chairs
4) Put umbrella’s up (pending weather)
5) Re-stock/check menus and plants for tables
6) Sweep entrances, steps & street opposite entrance
7) Wipe & clean any A-boards/lecterns
8) Wipe down the white pillars at the Elizabeth
9) Clean the KD glass doors & Liz inner doors with deionised water if needed
10) Clean Dukes sign, sign post & planter
11) Check Dukes clearing cupboard bins, ensure correct bin bags are in each slim Jim

Back of house: sweep & wash + tidying
1) Rear Dukes alleyway, rearrange barrels & ensure safely stacked
2) Rear entrance to KD kitchen & Devoran kitchen entrance, stacking any barrels
3) Liz steps – customer & kitchen
4) Behind all bins
5) All car park wall bases
6) Check cardboard crusher & empty for the morning if full

Specific tasks based on day of the week:

Thursday: KD back of house cleaning & tidying
1) Flat roof over kitchen
2) Rear KD steps & entrance
3) Old Kitchen, floors, windows & sort any deliveries
4) Lower service kitchen – water if needed?
5) Hoover & dust KD room (layup for function if needed)
6) KD room bar clean & re-stock
7) Linen racking & bin area
8) Steps & old boiler room
9) Dev store/laundry, sweep, mop clean
10) Smoking area
11) Check all balconies/hidden spaces for nests, blockages

Friday: Elizabeth back of house cleaning & tidying
1) Rear kitchen steps
2) Food bin area
3) Fire escape – sweep & mop all the way to the top
4) Roof around training room
5) Sweep out boiler store
6) Linen store
7) Internal glass & windows
Saturday: Dukes KP/Bar back/runner
1) Help KP with coffee rush washing up
2) Re-stock bar with crockery, milk etc
3) Clear patio
4) Sweep patio
5) Help with Saturday deliveries
6) Veg prep
7) Cellar tidy
8) Same tasks at other sites if needed

Sunday: 4-1AM Dukes deep clean
1) Cross over with KP, assist with any overflow
2) Cellar, restock, re-jig if needed
3) Dry store
4) Rear fridges & alleyway
5) Post service deep main kitchen, fryers etc
6) Bar & restaurant floors
7) All shelving & storage in bar deep cleaned
8) Internal glass, mirrors, etc

Monday; 4-1AM Kingswood & Devoran & Hotel Elizabeth deep clean
1) Clean & mop main bars
2) Bar fridges – clean & re-stock
3) Cellars – mop
4) Move empty barrels out
5) Hoover both lounges/carpet cleaner?
6) Floor cleaner Liz restaurant tiles
7) Wipe table & chair legs in lounges/DR
8) Dry stores
9) Walk in fridges
10) Service kitchens – floors, extraction, surfaces
11) Defrost freezers if needed

To apply, please send your CV and covering letter to Anna Webb, Personnel Manager by clicking on the Apply button.

Sidmouth Hotels Ltd, The Esplanade, Sidmouth, EX10 8AT


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