Useful links

Here are some links to local organisations that you may find helpful to you in your search for employment or if you are a small or micro business looking to network and hire staff.


BIP is a dynamic enterprise agency that has been providing motivational business support since 1993. Our role is to help small businesses start, grow and succeed over a sustained period by providing in depth knowledge, information and advice across a range of topics.


For a wide range of apprenticeships across the UK.


LymeNet is all about forming connections, whether you are a visitor, a resident, unemployed or a worker, or a business in the wider Lyme Regis area.

We help connect people to new work opportunities, to housing, to social and leisure activities, or to friends and family. We can also help to improve small business efficiency and opportunity. We do all of this by providing courses and training, support and careers advice, IT facilities, and business office services.

Because we are a 'not for profit' organisation, supported by grant aid we can also afford to tailor our services to many types of individual need which other advice, training and support organisations would find difficult. We pride ourselves on 'going the extra mile'.